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About Us

“There is a theory that creativity arises when individuals are out of sync with their environment. To put it simply, people who fit in with their communities have insufficient motivation to risk their psyches in creating something truly new, while those who are out of sync are driven by the constant need to prove their worth. They have less to lose and more to gain.” Gary Taubes, Beyond the Soapsuds Universe, 1977

Asperger’s Syndrome is sometimes seen as a hidden disability – one that makes people with the condition less than capable or in some way restricted in their performance in the workplace. However, the reality is that there are many people with Asperger’s who have excelled in business, becoming highly successful in leadership roles, and who have brought a very unique perspective and creativity into their organisations.

Asperger Leaders was established as a centre of excellence for people with Asperger’s Syndrome in leadership roles in business. Our objective is to provide opportunities for the sharing of our unique best practice from within the Asperger leadership community, as well as mentorship and development opportunities for those aiming for leadership positions.

We believe that the ability to have a successful career in business leadership for people with Asperger’s is not the exception, but is something that can be developed and grown. We also believe that the best people to share their insights and methodologies are those with Asperger’s themselves, since – no matter how specialised and professional an external therapist or coach is – they can never see the situation from our unique perspective as people on the autistic spectrum.

If you are a person with Asperger’s who either holds or aspires to a role in leadership in business, we invite you to register toparticipate in the group forums, activities and development sessions within the site. And remember – Asperger’s is not a disability, it is a gift. It gives us a very unique perspective on issues that others may never be able to see. Together we can grow that talent in our business community.  Only by doing this can we act as an example for those aspiring professionals and entrepreneurs with Asperger’s to encourage them to aim for the career they want without feeling disadvantaged.



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